Buying A House Is More Stressful Than Having A Child?

Date Published 13 March 2014

Which? Mortgage Advisers has revealed that buying a house is viewed as one of the most stressful life experiences, with nine in 10 people considering it taxing.

The dream of getting a foot on the property ladder – one of life's most momentous occasions – is actually one of life's most stressful events, according to new research.

The process of buying a house topped the stress list at 91% above other major milestones including having a child (81%), changing jobs (87%) and retiring from work (43%).

In spite of Government initiatives such as Help to Buy helping first-time buyers onto the property ladder, many are unprepared for how long the house-buying process will take. Moving day (87%) and finding the right house (80%) were identified as two of the most demanding moments closely followed by securing the right mortgage, with three-quarters (73%) of people saying they think it is stressful.
Consumer trust in the mortgage industry is low with just a quarter (25%) of people with mortgages saying they trust the industry to act in their best interests. Over-complicated language and terminology is also a problem for consumers, with over half (52%) saying they found all the language and terminology used in the process of arranging a mortgage confusing.

Seven in 10 (68%) people with a mortgage want to see the process of arranging a mortgage simplified, which is how a dedicated mortgage adviser can help.

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