Lesters Assistant Manager Buys His First Home

Date Published 08 October 2012

After seven months of searching, and many disappointments as I tried to purchase a couple of properties on the Ladygrove which I lost out on, or were withdrawn after I agreed a sale. I finally managed to find a property that I was happy to make my first home.

My new home came on the market with Lesters in May and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was for me. We agreed a price both the owners were happy with, and after a bit of pushing and at some points some stress! Local solicitors got it through for me and I got the keys at the end of June.

Once I had the keys the work began, redecorating throughout, new floors and so on, and then furnishing took time. But now I'm happy and settled into Ladygrove life, and I regularly see the previous owners who bought through Lesters on the estate. It is always Interesting being on the other side and it was an Invaluable experience for the job I do every day!