Ministers Push Home Sales Scheme

Date Published 03 April 2007

A government campaign to raise awareness of Home Information Packs has been launched.

Home sellers in England and Wales will have to offer the packs, including documents such as surveys and local authority searches, from 1 June. Critics say the packs, which will cost about £400, are confused and flawed.

The government are stating "This is in the interests of consumers and in the interests of the environment to have proper energy ratings on your home so you can cut your fuel bills and your carbon emissions, and also to have much clearer, earlier information in a way that promotes competition and brings some of those costs down as well."

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), said the policy was being "rushed through and the closer it gets to that June date, the more scared we are that there will be major problems."
Earlier this month, a group including the Law Society and Council of Mortgage Lenders said ministers declined a meeting to discuss their concerns about the plan.
The government believes HIPs will speed up the selling process and give buyers added protection.

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers, which will represent firms providing HIPs, has reassured ministers that their introduction will be handled "effectively and efficiently".