How To Brighten Up Your Home This Winter

Date Published 12 November 2012

After a cold, rain-soaked summer, brightened only by the gleam of Olympic gold, one might be forgiven for groaning at autumn chills and winter gloom.

But stifle that grumbling. It turns out that we've merely had to wait for things to brighten up. Interiors this autumn and winter are not the cocoons of previous years; dark places in which to hibernate until spring arrives. Instead the in look is bright, even dazzling. The textures popular in previous seasons are all there: velvets to stroke, woollen or linen/silk throws to snuggle into, cushions to laze back on, but the colours are very different.

Take the bright, virtually neon colours so popular in the past few months in fashion and furnishing, mute them slightly, and you're in the right direction. There's also a sense of the dramatic: jewel-like splashes – or more if you want – of rich blues, purples, jade and reddish pinks.

So add some colour to your property this year with these new colours available from major diy centres and entice your buyers whilst keeping the winter blues away!