Lesters Discover A Piece Of Town History

Date Published 27 March 2012

Our Didcot office has found a piece of Wallingford town history dating back to 1799, propping a bedroom door open!

The book of statutes believed to have been bought by the Wallingford Corporation in 1799 as a reference book was given to Lesters as a recognised and integral part of Wallingford's community, in order to find a suitable place for it to be enjoyed and used by the town's people. As such the book will be donated to the Wallingford Museum to be added to their large collection of Local history.

Wallingford based book expert Toby English commented 'the national statutes were published annually, but the local interest is in the hand written notes and changes showing the town may not have been keeping up to date, but this book would still have been part of a collection.'
If you have any interesting artefacts, bring them in, we love to see them and will be happy to help you find them a good home where the community can see them.