Location, Location, Location

Date Published 14 May 2019

TV presenter Phil Spencer has told The Negotiator Magazine that he's worried that too few vendors who use online agents like Purplebricks really understand what they're getting for their money.

The Location, Location, Location TV show co-presenter says: 'Online agents are nice and cheap but cost isn't everything particularly when you're dealing with your most valuable asset. Alot of the areas in and around the Home Counties are still £1,399 plus extra for additional services such as viewings, most of the time from staff who don't have excellent knowledge and experience of the area like the High Street agents.

Spencer, who also says Purplebricks have been featured in at least one of his TV show episodes, says he thinks estate agents should concentrate less on the volume of viewings they complete and instead focus on their quality.

'There is some truth that if you throw enough mud at the wall then something will stick, and that if you take people to houses they can't afford maybe they'll find the extra money. But actually it's better for all concerned if viewings are organised more efficiently.'