Winterproof Your Home Now

Date Published 12 December 2013

As the Met Office issues a severe weather warning for strong winds, freezing temperatures and snow across many parts of the UK this week, Halifax Home Insurance offers some timely advice to help homeowners avoid the misery of burst pipes and windstorm damage.

Last year, Halifax Home Insurance handled 26,874 windstorm damage claims, which cost more than £15.5 million in total to put right. The insurer also registered 21,739 claims for burst and frozen pipes, costing an average of £1,779 per incident to fix.

Senior claims manager for Halifax Home Insurance, Martyn Foulds says: 'With severe weather forecast over the coming days, now is the ideal time to carry out some essential home maintenance checks. Prevention is certainly better than cure, and many winter home emergencies can be avoided if householders spend just a small amount of time preparing for the imminent bad weather.'