All fees shown are including VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise.

Fees 'BEFORE' moving in, applicable to all applicants

Application & Tenancy Set-up Fee - £360.00 per tenancy (for a tenancy involving up to two individuals).

This fee is for providing our services to you, including attending any accompanied viewings, negotiating the terms of your tenancy, the cost of referencing up to two individuals, the compilation of a Tenancy Agreement, protecting your security deposit, and the arrangement of all other related matters such as the Inventory Check In, Energy Performance Certificate, keys, and gas certificate (if applicable).

Inventory Check-in Fee - £108.00 to £234.00 depending on property size, for unfurnished properties. Properties which are part or fully furnished are subject to a surcharge of 25%.

Where we have arranged for an inventory for the property to be prepared at the cost of the Landlord via an independent inventory clerk, you will be shown around the property by the Inventory Clerk, and you will be asked to confirm your agreement to the content of the Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property.

Additional fees ‘BEFORE’ moving in which may be applicable to some applicants

Additional Application & Tenancy Set-up Fee - £90.00 per additional person.

This fee only applies when more than two individuals apply for a tenancy.

Company Application & Tenancy Set-up Fee - £120.00

This fee is in addition to the Application & Tenancy Set-up Fee, and only applicable where the proposed tenant is a Company.

Guarantor’s Application & Document Fee - £150.00 (per guarantor).

This fee is payable in respect of each Guarantor to cover credit referencing costs and providing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Set-up, which details their obligations as a Guarantor.

Amendments & Special Tenancy Conditions - £42.00 per amendment.

This fee only applies if you request an amendment to the agreed terms, before your tenancy has started, that you didn’t include in your original offer terms. The charge reflects the work required to amend the tenancy agreement, assuming the Landlord agrees to your request.

Express Move-In Fee (if move-in is required less than 5 working days from reservation) - £180.00 per tenancy.

This fee applies if you request a move-in less than 5 working days after your references have been approved by the Landlord, as it will become a priority above other applications going through, which will therefore be delayed.

Fees 'AFTER' moving in which may be applicable to some tenants

Tenancy Renewal Fee - £90.00 per tenancy.

This is the cost of preparing a Tenancy Extension Agreement and negotiating with your Landlord for a further period. Renewing your tenancy, if agreed by your Landlord, gives an assurance of staying in the property for a further period, and avoids the uncertainty of a Landlord serving notice at any time.

Amendments, Addendums, Disclaimers & Special Tenancy Conditions - £72.00 per amendment.

This may be applicable if a change to the tenancy is required mid-term. This may be due to a change in personal circumstances. The charge is to reflect the work required in creating an Addendum to the tenancy agreement, assuming the Landlord agrees to your request.

Copy Document Fee & Misc letters for Tenant breach of contract - £48.00 per document.

If you require copy documents of the ones already provided to you, a fee is payable. In the event we need to write to you to warn you of a breach of the tenancy agreement by you, likewise a fee is due.

Late Rent Payment Charge - £48.00, along with any associated legal costs, plus interest on the overdue amount at 8% above Barclays Bank base rate.

This fee is to cover the charges and administration time when a rent payment is late, meaning that the Landlords rent cannot be processed and letters need to be sent. This fee is due every time a rent payment is 7 days overdue, or multiples of 7 days overdue. Rent payments which are seven days late or more will also attract interest at 8% above the Barclays Bank base rate.

Overpaid Rent Refund Charge - £48.00.

This fee covers the costs incurred by us in the time taken to arrange the refund of your overpayment, including notifying you of the overpayment, requesting your bank details for the refund payment, and arranging the payment with our bank.

Early Termination Marketing Fee – One month’s rent plus VAT where more than six months outstanding on the agreement. 50% of one month’s rent plus VAT where up to six months outstanding on the agreement.

This fee is for our efforts in arranging the premature re-marketing and all associated activities such as dealing with enquiries from potential tenants and carrying out accompanied viewings, and the production of a Deed of Surrender for signature by you. Please note that the tenant also retains liability for the rent until the day a new tenancy commences, plus any fees and costs borne by the Landlord including inventory & check-in fees for the new tenancy.

Tenant Changeover Fee - £360.00 per changeover.

If one of the tenants wishes to leave the property you are renting mid tenancy, and replace themselves with a new tenant, then we have to conduct most of the pre-tenancy administration again, organising the release and registration of deposits, issuing new tenancy agreements to all parties and referencing the incoming tenant.

Contractor Cancellation Fee - £60.00 per event.

If arrangements are made with you or any other tenants to provide access to an employee of Little London Estates with a contractor, or a contractor directly with keys or direct at the property, then the cancellation fee will be charged if these arrangements are cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment due to take place, or if access to the property is denied for whatever reason.

Key Replacement Fee - £30.00 plus the cost of the keys per replacement.

If we are required or requested to cut new sets of keys after the tenancy has commenced for additional tenants, additional sets requested, or lost or misplaced keys then this fee will become payable in addition to the cost of cutting the keys. If keys are lost, the Landlord may request that the locks are changed at your cost.

Mid tenancy inspection request by Tenant - £72.00 per visit.

If you request us to do a mid tenancy inspection specifically to document or report back on any matter, then this fee will become payable. This is not to be confused with the visit of a contractor who is carrying out works on behalf of the Landlord, the costs of which are borne by the Landlord.

End of Tenancy Inspection to assess damage or missing items after check out - £72.00 per visit.

If after the Check Out report has been received it has been determined that damage or missing items have been identified, quotes will have to be arranged by us in order to measure any cost that may be proposed to be deducted from your security deposit. A fee is payable for this inspection.

Unpaid item Fee - £60.00.

If any payment is returned as ‘unpaid’ by your bank, we make this charge to cover our work and time in chasing payment.

Fees when moving out, which may be applicable to some tenants

Providing end of Tenancy reference - £42.00 per person.

This fee is for our time in reviewing your account, including whether rent payments have been received on time throughout your tenancy, and responding to the request.

Deposit deduction surcharge – 20% of the total deposit deduction agreed, plus VAT, subject to a minimum of £60.00.

This charge covers our time in arranging works or negotiating compensation settlement with your Landlord, over matters which were your responsibility, but which you did not deal with before the end of your tenancy. The surcharge is over and above the invoice total of the contractor or the amount of compensation agreed between you and the landlord.